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The Gin Craze Experience

Juniper berries, the key ingredient in gin production, played a significant role in the 18th-century, Gin Craze, in London. The excessive consumption of gin led to societal issues and loss of government control, prompting the passage of the Gin Act of 1751 to raise gin prices, making it unaffordable. 

Despite its tumultuous past, juniper-flavored gin has undergone a resurgence in recent years. Today, it is crafted with care and precision, appealing to a new generation of discerning drinkers who appreciate the unique and complex flavors of the juniper berry.


Using the Gin Craze story, the illustration is created to represent the infatuation over gin and poke fun at how consequences were not thought out. But in order to make the product more appealing to the new drinking generation, we created the Juniper logo with a mix of blackletter, to hold on to the tradition of the era, and a san-serif, to add a touch of modernism.

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